To recognize that peace can be cultivated from within.

To increase inner peace through self-awareness, self-acceptance, and positive personal choices.


  • I can accept who I am as a unique and special person.
  • I can find a peaceful place within.
  • I can identify emotions and express them appropriately.
  • I am a person of worth.

MASK MAKING: The children will be able to sit down and see pictures of children with many different emotions.  They will each have a paper mask to decorate with feathers, stickers, yarn, etc.  This activity is to help them see how we all mask our feelings and why it is better to be honest about our feelings.

EMOTION COMMOTION:  One child sits on each side of a table.  There are six pictures of children displaying 12 different emotions on each side, a die and a mirror.  One child tosses the die to see which emotion they will display.  The child on the other side tries to decide what the emotion is.  Again, they are learning emotions are OK, and how to recognize them in themselves and in others.